IMG 1597aEver trained like an astronaut before? Me neither - until now! Myself along with the Space Studies Program participants in the Human Performance in Space Department stretched our worthy sea legs for a day of real water emergency scenarios.

At around noon, we arrived at the National Maritime College of Ireland. The College overlooks the gorgeous Cobh Harbour. The position of this institution is quite fitting as Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, was the Titanic’s last port of call before sailing off for it’s fateful journey.

NahumBerlin-based Mexican artist Nahum was one of the panelists on the Arthur C. Clarke Panel. This panel celebrates the intersection of space and popular culture in the same way that Arthur Clarke's works popularized space to the general public. This panel invites practitioners from different cultural areas to share how space has inspired their work. Clarke also led a workshop entitled ‘After Federov' which encouraged participants to think about alternative rationales for space missions, to let go of conventional thinking and go beyond the limitation of existing concepts and ideals to create their own personal space programs. Participants presented many interesting ideas including a love story as a space rational, peace, the quest to live forever and a dream to go to visit Titan.

How’s a week in the life of a Space Studies Program Teaching Associate? Well, no two weeks are the same, but this newly released footage from week two of SSP17 might give you a unique new perspective. Petter Evju Skanke, the Teaching Associate for the Space Humanities Department, brings you along on a few of his highlights from last week. See what he got up to! 

If you want to see more of his videos or just like his Norwegian accent, you can check out his very own YouTube channel here. And be sure to follow @PetterSkanke on Twitter for even more behind the scenes of the SSP!

Blog03 001How incredible it is to realize that the first week of ISU’s Space Studies Program is already over. With so many events happening over the past week here in Cork, Ireland, we didn’t even realize there have been 19 core lectures, numerous team project activities, and fundamental workshops. Also, we have shared this amazing time with three extraordinary astronauts all in “one single week!” As one of the SSP teaching associate’s said: “this is the better way to spend the summer.” In addition, to the mind-blowing talks from astronauts Dan Tani, Jeff Hoffman and Soyeon Yi, their lectures were given in front of a giant moon sculpture titled, “Museum of the Moon!” It was completely mindblowing!

Blog 002 01Funnily enough what really touched me at the official Opening Ceremony of the ISU SSP Space Studies Program 2017 was the parade of participants carrying their national flags. I had my reservations about the parade to be honest. Isn’t ISU SSP all about bringing people and cultures together? Why ask the participants to present themselves by means of their national symbols? Also: playing national anthems and carrying flags, isn’t that a bit top heavy?

SSP17 Blogpost PhotoStruggling with all the names – for a little while

On Saturday 25 June the more than 110 participants of this year’s ISU SSP arrived in Cork from 26 countries worldwide. To make them feel welcome and to get them geared up for their intensive 9-week pressure-cooker program on space, ISU’s Space Studies Program (SSP17) they were treated to a welcome diner, a participant and staff introduction, brunch, instructions sessions and an open-top tour of the city. How are they settling in? Michael: “Great, but I am still struggling a bit with the names.”

Blog Intro 01We are pleased to announce that the International Space University will be continuing the traditional >Space Studies Program blog!  

Over the next nine weeks, our teaching associates, participants and other authors will be highlighting all the great experiences in and outside the classroom and all around Ireland!  There will also be loads of behind the scenes with what’s happening at this year's host institution, Cork Institute of Technology.  

And, we are very proud to introduce a new digital addition to ISU! Head to your digital app store and download the Int’l space Space University digital application.  This is the easiest way to keep up to date with all the news and events happing at this year’s #SSP17!

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