Eric Dalhstrom
Space Sciences Department

Mr. Eric Dahlstrom is co-founder of International Space Consultants, and is a space science and space engineering consultant. He studied the physics of black holes at University of North Carolina, galactic astronomy at the University of Maryland, and space systems engineering at George Washington University. He has used several of the world’s largest radio telescopes to map the Galaxy, and space-based infrared telescopes to study interstellar dust. At NASA Goddard, he worked on the design of the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) to study the origin of the universe. His focus has been on international and interdisciplinary teams, being involved in 20 summer sessions of International Space University in ten countries. Eric worked on the design of the International Space Station at NASA Langley, where he analyzed many engineering systems (orbits, communication, power, debris, docking, module pattern, robotic and EVA assembly), and the Russian interface. At NASA HQ, he was a co-author of “Lessons Learned from Challenger” and calculated the risk of another Shuttle accident. During the NASA studies of human exploration, he helped coordinate Moon and Mars transportation architecture studies. For the last eight years, he has advised entrepreneurial space companies in Silicon Valley in California. Currently he is a mentor for the NASA Frontier Development Lab studying the asteroid impact hazard, and is working on creating entrepreneurial space ecosystems in countries across the world.