Ed Chester
TP - Roadmaps and Strategies for Space Sector National Capacity Building

Ed’s academic background includes a BSc in Physics, MSc in Electronics and PhD in Computer Arithmetic and Signal Processing. Much of the time that this all represents was spent on space projects rather than the matter at hand. After SSP in 2002, he formed one third of the flight operations team for the Beagle-2 lander mission to Mars, then moved to Germany and worked at ESA/ESOC on Herschel and Planck. Over time inevitably became a manager and became more involved with innovation. Ed moved to Spain in 2007 as Head of R&D for the Centre for Aerospace and Space Technology, and in parallel designed and taught space systems engineering courses at the Technical University of Catalunya.

Current activities include management support, proposal preparation and evaluation, and technical consulting services to private clients, the UK Space Agency, and other parts of government. He is also a director of Catena Space, a small company providing hands-on training and technology development in the space domain. Ed is a Chartered Engineer, a Certified Facilitator of Lego® Serious Play® and a flyer of kites.