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The International Astronaut panel is an annual highlight of each ISU session.

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The task is simple: build and program a prototype robot that can explore on its own, differentiate surfaces, avoid obstacles, and collect valuable samples.  And do it all in 2 days.  In a competition with other robots. 

Thanks to LEGO Mindstorms, talent, and a lot of imagination, ISU participants, assisted by robotics experts, will design and build autonomous robots following precise specifications to simulate planetary exploration.

Their performance will be evaluated by a group of international experts, and awards given to the winning team of roboticists. Visitors of all ages are welcome to share an educational and fun experience.

Arthur C. Clarke

ISU's Arthur C. Clarke Panel celebrates the intersection of space and popular culture, in the same way that Arthur Clarke's works popularized space to the general public.  From books to Hollywood films, from social media to music, space themes can be found everywhere.  This panel invites individuals from all areas of art to share how space has inspired their creations, and how their work may inspire what we may do one day in space, and how STEM may soon be replaced by STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).


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International Space University conducts an annual rocketry launch competition during eash Space Studies program.  Participants from ISU's Engineering department are divided into international teams of four to design, construct and fly a rocket that will meet a set of difficult requirements for altitude, payload, data capture, and design style. 

Each team designs a unique rocket from a limited selection of body tubes, nose cones, rocket motors  and other components, aided by computer design and simulation programs.  Each rocket design passes several safety checks before it is certified to fly in the competition. 

And, as with any competition, there is only a single winner - Will the rocket attain the correct altitude? Will the fragile payload be returned safely? Will the vehicle fly straight and stable? It is a real-world challenge and the team with the best performance will be recognized for their hard work.

This is an event open to the public and visitors of all ages are welcome!